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What is Trinidad Carnival?

What is Trinidad Carnival?

Trinidad and Tobago has published its tentative schedule of Carnival events in Trinidad 2022. A complete list of events and safe zone locations is listed below. Keep in mind, Carnival will not be traditional mas and fetes. All events will be limited in capacity and held only in safe zones. 

A Taste of Carnival - Trinidad Carnival 2022 #trinidadandtobago #carnival2022

Keep in mind there will be pre-screening and COVID testing at these events. This schedule is also subject to change. 


Will there be mas for Trinidad Carnival 2022?

Right now there is no scheduled traditional Carnival Monday or Carnival Tuesday Mas scheduled. While Trinidad may not be offering its normal line up, many other Caribbean islands such as St. Merteen and Cayman are moving forward with their traditional Carnival celebrations. In the US both Orlando and Atlanta Carnival are also scheduled to move forward. 


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