Terms and Conditions for Rentals with AJ Transport


Meeting your Driver.

Your driver will send a message via your desired method of local contact 1 hour prior to pick up to confirm the address. Your driver will have a sign with the reservation name at the location for the pick up. Your driver will assist with any bags or items you have. If you have ordered a car seat or other accessory your driver will have that on hand.

Your driver will ask to take a picture and confirm the identify of the reservation holder. All pick ups and drop off times and locations are recorded and you will be asked to sign off on each timesheet per your reservation.

Flexibility and Travel Arrangements

During your rental period you have the flexibility to instruct the driver as to what locations you would like to go and what your pick up and drop of times are. Please note you may be subject to an overtime fee where available if your travel arrangements will result in going over your scheduled period. Your driver will work with you to consult on appropriate travel time.


At the beginning of each session, your driver will provide you to the estimated cost and you will either have the option of paying in cash (local currency or TT 7 to USD 1) or paying via credit card. At the end of the session you will be required to make full payment in addition to any parking or non included expenses. Please note TIPS ARE NOT INCLUDED BUT GO 100% TOWARDS YOUR DRIVER FOR GREAT SERVICE.

Private Company.

AJ Transport is a private company and not affiliated with any government or public transportation service.

Any questions, comments or concerns please respond to this email and list your reservation invoice number and contact name.

We respond to all emails within 24 hours. You may also message us on Whatsapp at the number listed below.

Contact Information:

Aruna Jaikaran



Email: arunajaikaran@gmail.com

Terms and Conditions.

  1. Customer represents to be at least 18 years of age and legally capable of entering into this contract under law.
  2. Client hereby verifies that the pickup date, time, number of passengers and billing information are correctly stated.
  3. Client hereby authorizes Company to charge a 10% deposit, to the credit card on file, at the time of reservation, which is non-refundable if the reservation is cancelled less than 14 days before your reservation date.
  4. Client agrees for his/her party will not exceed the passenger capacity of vehicle provided.
  5. Company will add the cost of parking expenses, tolls and overtime if applicable.
  6. Client agrees that NO CHARGEBACKS UNLESS A CREDIT TOWARDS A DEPOSIT AS STATED HEREIN are permitted and client authorizes full charges and full satisfaction in services upon each service rendering.
  7. Neither the company, its agents or employees shall be liable for any personal property of the customer or customer’s guests, which are misplaced, damaged or left in the vehicle. Company shall not be responsible for the safe-keeping of any such item.
  9. Company shall not be liable for any damage arising out of company’s inability to perform due to inclement weather, mechanical difficulties, delays due to traffic conditions or any unforeseen events beyond the reasonable control of Company. If for any reason Company cannot provide the service contracted, Company’s liability is limited to the return of the total deposit.
  10. Driver has the right to terminate the trip, without refund, if he/she feels that the party is not abiding by the company rules or is putting the vehicle or the driver at risk. CLIENT WILL BE 100% CHARGED AND RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FULL RESERVATION PRICE.
  11. Client is responsible for any and all damages incurred to the limousine committed by his/her party during the service time, either willfully or accidental. (Rips, spills, burns, scratches or damage to the Flat Screen, DVD, stereo or other equipment.) Minimum charge of $150.00 USD to clean any spillage. A fee of $500 USD dollars will be incurred if there is any vomiting in the vehicle or on the vehicle itself.
  12.  Any balance due must be paid 30 days before the event. Balance may be paid by the same credit card that the initial reservation was made (In some cases, cardholder must be present with credit card & ID upon arrival on rental date).
  13. Overtime will be permitted, upon vehicle availability, and rounded off to the next hour. Availability of overtime is not guaranteed. Overtime rates are non-negotiable and will be charged to the customer according to hourly rate of $420.00 TT or $60.00 USD per hour. Driver’s do not have the ability to waive overtime for any reason. Overtime is charged by the hour not prorated per minute.
  14. The minimum contract price is fixed once this contract is signed. Early dismissal, downsizing, or shortening of rental hours, will not adjust the price.
  15. Minor changes to rental are upon availability and REQUIRE A MINIMUM OF 48 HOURS NOTICE. CHANGE REQUESTS MUST BE emailed to the contact manager below.
  16. The company, or its designated representative, is hereby appointed customer’s attorney-in-fact to sign customer’s signature for additional charges to customer’s credit card for damages, overtime, &/or any changes due & not immediately paid by the customer & is expressly empowered & authorized to charge all costs resulting from damages to said credit card.
  17. Company, its drivers, agents or employees, customer hereby waives any and all claims against company, its agents or employees for injury, loss, or damage, including consequential damages, to customer’s person or property from whatever cause whatsoever. In addition, customer waives any right of subrogation with regard to the same.
  18.  Vehicles are sold and /or updated at the discretion of management. Vehicle requests are not guaranteed.
  19. All Credit Card Payments will be processed under the name CarnivalMW, LLC.