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What are the most popular bands for Miami Carnival 2022?

What are the most popular bands for Miami Carnival 2022?

Miami Carnival 2022 will be Columbus Day Weekend, October 7-9, 2022. But before you go, you need to get in your band and get your costume. Looking for who to play with, we have a great starting list of bands tentatively scheduled for 2022. 

Miami Carnival 2022 Bands

This list is subject to change. Keep an eye on our blog for the latest updates!

How to register for Miami Carnival Costume?

If you have never played mas before. Here is a primer for you. You have to pick a band to play with. All the bands offer different costumes that you can choose from. Once you pick your costume and pay your deposit you will get an email from the band with further instructions on pick up. 

Usually all costumes are made available for pick up 2-3 days before Miami Carnival at a band distribution site somewhere in Miami / Broward. Most if not all bands do not ship the costumes. 

Check out our Blog for first time carnival goers here for more details. 

When can I register with a Band for Miami Carnival?

Most Miami Carnival 2022 bands will launch their themes and costumes around July - August 2022. So the best way to keep an eye out for what is coming and when registration is open is to follow the bands on Instagram. 

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