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When is CayMAS 2022?

When is CayMAS 2022?

CayMAS 2022 the annual Carnival Soca Celebration on Grand Cayman Island, will be held June 29, 2022 through July 4, 2022. This separate event from Batabano takes place along the beautiful 7-mile stretch ON THE ROAD in Grand Cayman.

The schedule plans to follow the previous years with Friday, June 30th being the night for fetes at some of the island's best venues, July 1st at 12:30 PM the start of the parade route from downtown George Town ending at public park on the beach and the Exclusive CayMAS after-fete and Sunday, July 2nd, the amazing raft up boat day! (More details with specific events will be listed on our site, including tickets and locations as the event nears).


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