The CarnivalMW Story

Our story is simple, like thousands of men and women out there, we loved to celebrate Carnivals, Festivals, Parties, Fetes, or any unique fun event really, but could never find that one site that offered tons of unique designs, fashion options, custom cool festival products with the ability to purchase must needed and fete-proven accessories! So we created CarnivalMW!!!!

Our goal is simple, to be your one-stop site to get everything you need for that next Carnival. Plus we want to celebrate all those creative small label designers and serve as a platform to showcase their unique designs. We never purchase in large bulk! This way when you see a product or look you like... you know its limited quantity.

We always loved the Carnival Monday Wear and Carnival Costumes that came out of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean, but could never easily get it in the USA or Canada. We solved that problem and now you can get those looks here, with easy shipping options! Have your look before you go to your next fete!

We also wanted to make sure quality was a factor! Being "feterans" each item is tested and tried! So it will be good to go for the road!

We are always looking for new designers to showcase and highlight and love to tell you their stories! If your a designer looking for a great platform for unique products, please reach out to us here!

We also want to be that site you can get the latest tips, tricks and trends. So our Blog is always being updated with a focus on your festival needs! Make sure to sign up for our Newsletter or follow us on social media at CarnivalMW!

Can't wait to see your look on the road!