How to list your products on CarnivalMW

CarnivalMW is always looking to promote local, independent, inspired designers who offer unique creative products for the festival and carnival marketplace. 

We pride ourselves on highlighting the designs of those in the Caribbean and USA and can work with new immerging designers, manufacturers, artists or wholesalers. 

All designers receive custom unique product placement and brand name recognition. We want all to know who you are and about you. Take a look at the options we offer below and contact us for more information. 

We do the marketing, advertising, photography, inventory, shipment and promotion for your products! 

Sole Designers 

If you are a sole designer without inventory in house, contact us to determine if your designs are suitable for production by our CarnivalMW team. If so we will purchase exclusivity on your designs, manufacture and retail. 

Designers / Production

If you are a designer who also does production, you may email your line sheet to If you products are suitable for our product market and clientele we will place wholesale orders with you. 

We do perform quality control and require a sample piece for all new designers to ensure the quality of the products we retail. 

If you are interested in exploring any of the opportunities mentioned, please contact to set up a meeting.