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CarnivalMW is all about bringing the hottest, unique styles for any carnival, festival or event to you. Our products are selected for quality and fashion. Every product is one we would wear! So no need to worry about poor quality or design. And we are based in the USA! Your orders come straight from the source available for overnight delivery for that fashion emergency!

With hundreds of styles in limited quantities available you are sure to you have the sexiest look for your event. Some of our products are 100% handmade and custom so you will never have the same look as the girl next door!

If your a designer looking to showcase your work, please check out Contact Us page for information on how to reach us.

Stay tuned and follow us for new styles updated daily! Good Vibes Only!

Blog posts

How to get a Carnival Costume for Miami Carnival

How to get a Carnival Costume for Miami Carnival

If you are a Carnival Newbie and have heard the term "backpack" "front line" or "mas" your probably wondering what those means. I break down all the essential terms to know to figure out what Carnival Costume look you want to rock this season.  What is a Carnival Band? A Carnival Band is the organization that is creating the costume and events for their masqueraders....

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