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What are the top 10 fashion must-haves for Carnival Monday?

What are the top 10 fashion must-haves for Carnival Monday?

Carnival is right around the corner, and if you're like me, your wardrobe still needs a little sprucing up. I've rounded up some of my favorite carnival fashion tips to get you ready for the big day!

Carnival Monday

Carnival Monday is special in that bands, masqueraders and visitors get to express their own individual representation and presentation for the carnival season. Participants can either play with a band or on their own. If your a Carnival newbie the most important thing are basic outfit necessities for the road or any fete. If your playing with a band they may offer some Mondaywear options. Check with all the major Mas camps such as Tribe, Fantasy, Harts, GenX, Caesar's Army, Yuma. However Carnival Monday is the day you can make it about you so accessories are a MUST!

If you want your own look, CarnivalMW is all about bringing limited designs that are perfect for Carnival Monday.

Fashion Musts for Carnival Monday

  1. Cool and sexy monokini or bikini. Be Creative!
  2. Spruce up your outfit with a custom feather backpack
  3. Glittery gloves or stocks are a must!
  4. Body and face gems, tattoos and glitter add to any look
  5. Try out some sparkly hair pieces, feathers, crowns, or binged out hats.
  6. Don't forget a great colorful fanny, thigh wallet, boot or shoe wallet!
  7. Makeup! Don' t be shy to go colorful
  8. Never hurts to add some cool body accessories like belly chains, shoulder chains or some crop cover tops
  9. A cool mask or face shield just is both safe, practical and trendy
  10. Sunglasses are a must. Getting some cheap but trendy looking designs are great for the day!

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