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What to expect at your first Jouvert?

What to expect at your first Jouvert?

J’ouvert is a carnival-like celebration that takes place the night before Ash Wednesday in Caribbean countries. It is an exciting and vibrant event with a lot of colors, music, and costumes. If you have never been to J'ouvert before this blog post will help prepare you for what to wear and expect on your first trip!

What is J'ouvert?

J'ouvert is a celebration of life. Be prepared for mud, oil, paint, powder and lots of water! It is a carnival-like atmosphere that starts in the early morning and continues into the night. Be prepared to get dirty!

What to wear for J'ouvert?

You will get dirty at j'ouvert so do not plan on wearing anything you can't throw away. It's best to dress in light colors such as white, yellow or pink so that the paint and powder stands out. A white top, cute jean shorts and some old sneakers are my go to look, but you can customize and up your style with a cute bathing suit and some stockings. Here are some of my top 5 must have fashion items for J'ouvert:

  • White bathing suit or sexy top
  • A face shield is great! so that paint stays out of your eyes!
  • Waterproof bag or fanny is a must to keep your phone safe!
  • Cute bandana or scarf, going with your country's flag is works both as a mask and face.
  • Protect your Hair! One thing you want to be prepared for is paint, oil or powder getting in your hair! You definitely don't want to wake up on Carnival Tuesday with a funky doo! So definitely recommend a cute and trendy hair cap to protect your locks!

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